Free Marketing Guide For Service-Based Business


The Ultimate Marketing Guide For Your Local Business

Who Is This Guide For?

If you run a local service-based business, this marketing guide was made for you! We’re sharing these marketing tips with you to help you get your phone ringing, get more website traffic, get more leads, and sell more jobs! Sound good? Read on.

What Is The Purpose Of The Marketing Guide?

The benefit of this guide is to offer straightforward marketing ideas to help your local service business get more calls, get more leads, and simply make more money. And the bonus? Most of these you can implement yourself by investing time!

We are dividing this guide into three parts – Free Marketing Ideas, Low Cost Marketing Ideas, and Paid Marketing Ideas. Our desire is that you can easily navigate the guide and find the right marketing solutions for your business. With that in mind, we’ve also provided a Jump Index so you can quickly jump right to the section that interests you.

Of course, not every business is ready for all levels of marketing. This is another reason why we’ve broken things down into small bite-sized pieces here. There’s no need to bite off more than you can chew. Use this guide to help you strategize and budget for your marketing.

We hope you dive in and find some real, actionable items to help your business right now!

FREE Marketing Ideas

1. Get A Free Logo For Your Business

If you do not already have a logo, you can start by creating a logo yourself. There are a lot of services to help you get started with a basic logo design. AI tools like, and WIX even offer a free logo maker tool online. Your logo is an important part of your marketing strategy because you will be using it cohesively in every channel of your marketing. If you’re doing a free one for now, don’t sweat it. When you take your marketing to the next level, you can always have a clever agency help you polish the logo or strategize for a micro-rebrand. But if you’re just starting out, using a free tool is a great way to create a starter brand to use in your marketing.


2. Google Business Profile Marketing Tips

Chances are that your Google Business Profile, also known as GBP or Google Business Listing, will be the first thing that a local client sees for your business. Setting up a GBP is free but may take some jumping through hoops to get set up properly.

Here are a few things you can do to work your GBP to reach its full potential.

  • Add photos to your GBP daily. Try to focus on the products or services you offer.
  • Add videos to your GBP frequently. Again, focus on your products or services.
  • Add a Post (AKA Update) to your GBP daily. Showcase your work with description, city, and call-to-action.
  • Add an offer to your GBP. This could include “Free Upgrades” or any other type of offer.
  • Collect more Google Reviews AND respond to every review that you receive.
  • Turn messaging (chat) on for your listing. You may get spam from here but all it takes is one or two customers to make this worthwhile.
  • Add your FAQ to your messaging feature to answer customer questions automatically.


3. Start A YouTube Channel

It’s not as scary as it sounds. Even if you prefer to not be in front of the camera, you can video  jobs, before-and-after projects, special projects, and unique solutions. Then you can publish them on your YouTube channel and link them back to your website, Google Business Listing, or simply have a phone number call-to-action.

You do not need to spend a lot of time with fancy editing software, graphics, or much editing at all. Raw, short-format videos (Reels) actually still perform well in most verticals and are a great way to get your feet wet in video. Remember…it doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be done.


4. Facebook Business Page

Facebook is still a great channel to reach potential customers with your products and services. However, like most social media channels, the market is being flooded with ads that mostly get ignored. So here are a few ideas for Facebook that may help you break through the static:

  • Post complete projects on your FB Business Page regularly. Be sure to use local hashtags and city/town hashtags. You can even tag the city itself by using the @cityname if it is represented by a Facebook page (most are).
  • Encourage others to check into your business if you have a physical location.
  • Join and engage with local community group pages. Many will have rules for flat-out promoting your business. Focus your engagement around offering helpful advice.
  • Utilize Facebook Stories and Live Videos on your business. Short-format videos are super popular at the moment and Facebook (and others) are doing what they can to get a market share of TikTok’s fan base. Use this to your advantage.
  • Create your own community or interest group pages. If you create these pages, you get to set the rules. Try not to be overly needy by flooding the group with advertising your business. Try to think how your group can help the community or solve a problem for the group – Storm & Emergency Preparedness topics work well.
  • Actively search Facebook using hashtags that relate to your business. You may be able to find customers that are actively looking for your products or services. Engage with them by offering insightful, helpful information or resources.
  • Do a giveaway and require users to like, follow, and share your post. Goes without saying, but this idea does help boost short-term engagement.
  • Invite people to “recommend” your business. This is Facebook’s version of a review. Customers, friends, and family can write a review for your business on Facebook. Be sure to respond to every review your business receives. 


5. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter (X) & More

You should set up as many business channels as you can manage. “That you can manage” is the key here. If you can’t actively create content for a channel, do not create a business profile on that channel. Having a social media channel without content is not going to help you. As a matter of fact, it could relay the message that your business is not active or even closed. So be selective about the channels that you create.

For every channel that you create, be sure to create a content schedule to help you remember to post to the channel. A simple Google Calendar with reminders can go a long way in making sure that you stay on topic and stay on schedule. Also be careful about too much material recycling and repurposing. Using the same video clip or blurb on too many channels can cause the channels to pick up on it and lower your post ranking.


6. Review Websites Other Than Google

To effectively use review websites beyond Google, you should create and optimize profiles on relevant platforms like Yelp and Angie’s List. Encouraging customers to leave reviews and responding to all reviews, good or bad, is essential. Showcasing these reviews on your business’s website and social media enhances visibility. Regular monitoring of these platforms is crucial for reputation management.

Engaging with the community and demonstrating expertise on these sites builds credibility. Offering incentives for honest feedback, analyzing customer insights, and collaborating with local influencers can also expand reach and improve service quality. The focus should always be on authenticity and transparency in all online interactions.


7. Be A Guest On A Podcast

Being a guest on a podcast can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. It offers a platform to reach a new and engaged audience, allowing you to showcase your expertise and share your business’s story in a personal and relatable way. This exposure can significantly increase brand awareness and credibility. Podcasts often have dedicated listeners who trust their hosts, so your association can transfer some of that trust to your brand.

Additionally, the episode can be shared across various channels, including social media and your own website, providing long-lasting content. Being on a podcast also opens networking opportunities and can lead to connections with other industry leaders and potential customers. This strategy can effectively humanize your brand, making it more approachable and appealing to a broader audience.


8. Forums, Reddits & Help Websites

Most open online forums offer a place for you to share helpful information to post participants. This is a great way to add value online by offering solutions to problems, answering questions, and making connections. Some forums allow you to add links in your posts, which would allow you to offer readers a link back to your website or other resource. This can be a helpful, natural way to build authoritative backlinks to your website. Check with the forum rules and posting guidelines to be sure you don’t violate any policies.

Also, be sure to find out if the forum offers author profiles. If they do, this could be another opportunity for you to create a professional, public profile including backlinks to your website and business contact information.


9. Online Directories

Research the best directories to list your business by simply going to Google and searching for your product or service. In the search results, locate directories that are showing and find out if you can add your business to the directory. Most can be added for free.

Using online directory listings is a strategic way to market your business. By listing your business on various online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and industry-specific platforms, you increase your visibility to potential customers actively searching for your services. These listings improve your search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for people to find your business online.

Online directories also provide crucial information like your business location, contact details, and hours of operation, which helps in building trust and credibility. Additionally, these listings can drive traffic to your website, leading to increased inquiries and sales. In essence, online directories serve as a gateway for new customers to discover and engage with your business.


10. Friends & Family Referral Program

Leverage your existing or former clients to find new business by offering them a referral bonus for leads. You could also make it a win-win bonus if you can offer something to both the referring party and the referral person.

Take it up a notch by incorporating your referral program directly on your website – allowing your clients to submit leads to you and collect bonuses when leads convert to a sale.


11. Network With Other Local Service Providers

Chances are that your target market is being serviced by a multitude of other service providers like lawn care, pool maintenance, HVAC repair, real estate agents, painters, home repair, and event planning services. Use this to your advantage by getting to know some local service providers. You could create a network of providers where you both share referrals, exchange leads for money, or even canvas areas with a shared printed marketing piece.

If you are working with other local providers in an official capacity, it could also be a good idea to agree to a mutual website listing – they are listed on your website with a backlink to their website, and you are listed on their website with a backlink to your website.


12. Brand Alignment

Brand alignment is when you feature a more well-known brand alongside your brand. This is typically done through your website or other digital marketing. This helps to build trust in your brand when potential customers see your brand in close proximity to a brand that they already know and trust.

Some opportunities for brand alignment can arise when you complete a project for a well-known brand, offer the brand’s services/products through your company, or by mutual networking. This does require that you get permission from the company and request their branding guidelines or restrictions so that you can respect their rules.

This brand alignment approach can also open up new market segments and demographics, expanding your reach. It can also provide opportunities for shared marketing efforts, like joint advertising campaigns or social media promotions, which can be more cost-effective and impactful. The association with a reputable and recognizable brand can also accelerate brand recognition and loyalty for your business, facilitating faster growth and market penetration.


Low-Cost Marketing Ideas

13. Build A DIY Website

If you don’t already have a website, you don’t need to run out and hire an agency to build your website. There are a lot of tools and resources to build your own website. Great beginner websites can be built using website solutions like WIX or GoDaddy Web Services. If you are in the Fence Industry, we also recommend the website builder and domain service provided by the FWA – To get the best results, be sure to think about the pages you’d like to have on your website in advance and do homework to find the best solution for your website.

To take this to the next level, you can hire a freelancer to build your website. Fiverr and Upwork are only two of the many places online to hire freelancers to build your website. Just be sure to vet each provider carefully, read reviews, view their work portfolio, and get all the project details before committing to a freelancer. Typically hiring a freelancer will mean that your website will be a little more polished compared to you doing it yourself, but keep in mind that freelancers will not likely have a strong connection to your brand, your services, or your products. Freelancers also do not typically have the skill to do both website design and SEO. For that, you would need a full service marketing agency, like Clever Fox Online.


14. Start A Work Portfolio Blog

Collecting your projects or case studies in a blog will showcase your unique talents and abilities to solve problems for your clients. This is a natural way to create helpful content for your readers and potential clients while also giving search engines some quality, unique materials to devour and associate with your business.

It would be best to add these articles within a blog on your website. However, there are several other platforms that you can use to publish your blog articles (or do both). You may need to do a little research to see if there are any industry-related blog platforms ,but here are a few general blog publications that may work for you:



15. Guest Blog On Someone Else’s Blog

Guest blogging is an effective marketing strategy for businesses, as it allows you to reach a new audience by sharing your expertise on other blogs related to your industry. This practice not only drives traffic to your website through backlinks but also enhances your brand’s credibility and authority in your field. By providing valuable content to readers of the host blog, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and build trust with potential customers. 

Guest blogging can also improve your search engine rankings through the use of strategic keywords and backlinks from reputable sites. It’s also an excellent opportunity for networking and building relationships with other industry influencers, which can lead to further collaboration and exposure. In essence, guest blogging is a mutually beneficial way to expand your reach and strengthen your brand’s online presence.

INSIDER TIP: One way to sniff out the online publications that allow guest blogging is to use specific search queries on Google like “your industry + guest post”, “write for us + your industry”, or “guest post guidelines + your niche”. This can lead you to blogs actively seeking guest contributors.

Remember, when you find a potential blog, it’s important to familiarize yourself with their content and guest post guidelines to ensure that your contribution is a good fit for their audience. Personalized pitches that demonstrate your familiarity with the blog and how your content can add value have a higher chance of being accepted.


16. User-Generated Content (UGC)

To obtain user-generated content (UGC) for marketing purposes, you can encourage your customers to share their experiences with your brand on social media. Host contests or campaigns where customers can participate by posting photos or videos using your products, accompanied by a specific hashtag. Offer incentives such as discounts, features on your official channels, or entry into a prize draw can be done to motivate participation.

Engaging with customers who already post about your brand by sharing their content (with permission) on your platforms can inspire others to do the same. Additionally, you can create interactive platforms like forums or community pages where customers can share their stories and experiences. This approach not only provides authentic content for marketing but also fosters a community around your brand, enhancing customer loyalty and trust.

Another option for UGC is to enable comments on your own website that allow readers to leave comments, questions, and suggestions on your articles. You can see that in action on our website below this article. 😉


17. Door Hanger / Flyer Canvassing

Door hangers and flyers are cost-effective marketing tools that can effectively generate business, especially for local services. By distributing them directly to homes or businesses in your target area, you ensure high visibility among potential customers. These physical advertisements can be tailored to catch the eye with attractive designs and compelling messages, offering promotions or information about your services.

The direct nature of this marketing approach often results in immediate recognition and recall. It’s particularly effective for businesses offering local services like landscaping, home repairs, or restaurant deals, as it targets potential customers in the immediate vicinity. Additionally, door hangers and flyers can be used to announce grand openings, special events, or limited-time offers, creating a sense of urgency and prompting a quicker response from the recipients.

Many printing companies offer a low cost or free design tool to get your fliers designed. Having some issues using those online design tools? Fiverr is another low-cost way to get a flyer or door hanger designed and often costs less than $100. Clever Fox Online also offers design services for these materials. We can even take care of the printing for you as well! 


18. Yard Signs

Yard signs are a simple yet powerful marketing tool for local service providers. By placing these signs in visible areas, such as lawns or along busy roads, businesses can effectively catch the attention of local residents and passerbyers. These signs act as a constant advertisement in the community, building brand awareness and credibility, especially when seen repeatedly.

Yard signs are particularly effective for businesses like real estate agents, construction services, landscapers, fence contractors, and home repair services. Yard signs also generate word-of-mouth as they often spark conversations among neighbors and locals. The cost-effectiveness of yard signs makes them an accessible marketing option for small businesses, offering continuous exposure for a one-time investment. Additionally, when customers display your sign on their property, it acts as a personal endorsement of your services, enhancing trust and reliability in the eyes of potential clients.

Word of caution: Be careful of local city or HOA ordinances. Some communities issue litter fines for signs. So, just because you see a cluster of yard signs doesn’t mean that it’s okay to post one of yours. Check with your local authorities to follow the local ordinances.

Need a great, affordable place to print your signs? Check out UZ Yard Signs. They offer great sign printing at lower-than-average pricing.


19. Conduct A Local Workshop

Conducting a local workshop is an effective way for service providers to generate sales leads. By offering a workshop on a topic relevant to your services, you can attract potential customers interested in that subject. This face-to-face interaction allows you to demonstrate your expertise and build trust with attendees. During the workshop, you can share valuable information, tips, and insights, establishing yourself as knowledgeable authority in your field. This setting also offers an excellent opportunity for direct engagement, allowing you to answer questions, address specific needs, and form personal connections with potential clients. 

An example of this such workshop for a fence contractor could be a workshop on how to properly clean your fence. If you have an actual office location, you could conduct the workshop there to help encourage attendees to learn more about your services. If you do not have a local shop, you could get permission to conduct the demonstration at the local fire station, public library (outside of course), community park, local school, or another local business.


20. Publish A Press Release

Publishing a press release is a valuable tool in digital marketing, as it helps in disseminating important news or information about your business to a wide audience. When distributed through the right channels, a press release can increase brand visibility and awareness online. It often gets picked up by various news outlets, blogs, and industry-related websites, which can lead to increased website traffic and improved search engine optimization (SEO) due to the backlinks generated.

Press releases can announce new products, services, events, or achievements, positioning your business as active and relevant in its industry. Additionally, they provide content that can be shared across social media platforms and email newsletters, engaging existing customers and attracting potential ones. A well-crafted press release can also establish your company as a credible source of information, enhancing its reputation and authority in the market.

There are many good sources to publish a press release online. Here are a few of the most popular sources for publishing: 



21. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective tool for generating sales leads by directly reaching a targeted audience. By sending tailored content to a segmented list of subscribers, businesses can nurture relationships with potential and existing customers, keeping them engaged and informed about products, services, and offers. Email campaigns can be personalized, increasing relevance and interest, which often leads to higher conversion rates.

Regular newsletters, promotional offers, and updates about new products or services keep the brand at the forefront of recipients’ minds. Well-designed emails with compelling calls-to-action can drive traffic to your business’s website, encouraging subscribers to take specific actions like making a purchase or booking a service. Additionally, email marketing allows for tracking and analyzing recipient engagement, enabling businesses to refine their strategies and target leads more effectively. This direct and customizable approach makes email marketing a powerful tool in your business’s lead generation arsenal.

One affordable email marketing solution is MailChimp. At the time of this article, they still offer a small free email marketing plan that allows you to email a list of up to 500 contacts.


22. Local Newspaper or Magazine Ads

Advertising in local newspapers or magazines can be highly effective for marketing your local business. This traditional form of advertising allows businesses to reach a specific, often localized audience, which can be particularly beneficial for targeting customers in your immediate service area. Local publications are typically trusted sources of information, and their readers may be more receptive to ads, viewing them as recommendations from a community staple. This can enhance the credibility and visibility of your business.

Local papers and magazines often have dedicated sections for various services and events, allowing businesses to place their ads in relevant contexts. This method also offers the advantage of tangible, physical ads that readers might refer back to, increasing the longevity of your marketing effort. For businesses catering to an audience that prefers print over digital media, this can be an especially effective way to connect and engage with potential customers.


23. Sponsor Local Teams

Depending on your target audience, sponsoring a local sports team or school sport can be a great way to boost your brand recognition. Does it mean that someone is going to remember your info from a sign on the field or the back of a jersey? Probably not. But people are more likely to associate your business name, logo, and brand as a local provider. This can go a lot further than you think when that person is looking for your services.

Sponsoring local teams and school sports builds brand recognition and goodwill within the community. This type of sponsorship places your business’s name and logo on team uniforms, banners, and event materials, ensuring high visibility among local residents. It’s an effective way to associate the business with positive community values like health, youth development, and teamwork. This community involvement often translates to increased customer loyalty, as people tend to support businesses that invest in local initiatives.

These sponsorships can lead to word-of-mouth recommendations, which are particularly valuable in local markets. It also offers networking opportunities with other local businesses and families, potentially opening new avenues for business growth. In essence, sponsoring local sports is not just about advertising; it’s about becoming an integral part of your local community and fostering long-term relationships.


24. Participate in Local Shows & Fairs

Participating in local shows and fairs is an excellent way for your local business to market itself directly to the community. These events provide a platform for face-to-face interaction with potential customers, allowing businesses to showcase their products or services, demonstrate their benefits, and build personal connections. It’s an opportunity to increase brand awareness and leave a lasting impression through live demonstrations, free samples, or interactive activities.

Local shows and fairs also enable businesses to understand their customers’ needs and preferences firsthand, which is invaluable for tailoring their offerings. Networking with other local businesses at these events can lead to collaborations and referrals, further expanding market reach. Being seen at popular local events enhances a business’s community presence and reputation, fostering trust and loyalty among local consumers.

This is a great way for you to connect with your community and showcase your products and services. You may be able to get involved with a booth, table, or just appear as a sponsor for a very reasonable cost.


25. Join Professional Associations

Joining professional associations can significantly benefit the marketing efforts of your local business. These associations provide networking opportunities with other professionals in the industry, which can lead to referrals and partnerships. Being a member often grants access to exclusive resources, events, and training, which can enhance business knowledge and skills. It also adds credibility to your business, as association membership is typically associated with a certain level of professionalism and adherence to industry standards.

In essence, professional associations provide valuable opportunities for growth, learning, and networking, all of which are key components in effective business marketing.

Similar to brand alignment, professional associations can help your business develop a deeper trust with potential clients that are looking for the most qualified service providers. In addition to any member benefits and badge graphics you can use, most professional associations have a member directory that can list your business along with your contact information and (hopefully) a link back to your website.

In the fence industry, there are some great associations like AFA, FWA, and NAFCA that you can join. Not only are these fantastic associations but you will network with some amazing people.


26. Get Certified Or Licensed

Obtaining certifications or licenses can be a powerful marketing tool for your local business, as it enhances credibility and trust among potential customers. Certifications, especially those recognized in the industry, signal to customers that your business meets certain standards of quality and professionalism. This can be a deciding factor for customers when choosing between competitors.

Being licensed and certified often allows businesses to be listed in specialized directories and participate in exclusive networks, increasing their visibility to a targeted audience. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to advertise these qualifications in marketing materials, on websites, and in physical premises, further reinforcing business’s commitment to excellence. For certain industries, being certified or licensed is mandatory, but even when it’s optional, it can set your business apart, giving it a competitive edge in the market.


Premium Marketing Ideas

27. Get A Professional Website

When the time is right to take your website to the next level, hiring a skilled, experienced digital marketing agency is the right move. As a digital marketing agency with decades of experience, Clever Fox Online could deep dive into “what to look for in a digital agency” but here are the basics.

Interview the agency you are looking to hire. Find out if you work well with their team. Ask how they support your business growth and have them explain their processes. If possible, talk to one or two of their existing clients to find out how satisfied they are with the service.

All-in-all, you want to select a digital agency that can get your results with a website that works for your industry. Do they have experience building websites in your industry? A professional website should not only look nice, but it should also be functional, easy to navigate, offer lead generation, and be built on a solid SEO strategy.


28. Get A Professional Logo/Brand

Even if you are already using a logo for your business, hiring a professional to refine your logo will take it to the next level and ensure the absolute best brand performance.

Hiring a brand specialist to develop a logo and brand identity can significantly enhance the marketing of your local business. A professional brand specialist can create a unique and memorable logo that effectively represents your business’s values, mission, and services, making it more recognizable to customers.

A well-designed logo and cohesive brand identity can elevate the perceived professionalism and credibility of the business, helping it to stand out in a competitive market. This consistent branding across all marketing materials and platforms – from business cards to social media – aids in building brand awareness and loyalty. It creates a visual connection that customers can easily identify and remember.

A strong brand developed by a brand professional at an experienced marketing agency can evoke emotional responses and associations, which are crucial in influencing customer decisions and fostering long-term customer relationships. Investing in professional branding is a strategic move that can pay off in increased customer attraction and retention.


29. Subscribe To A Great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Provider

Once you have a professional website published, you should hire a professional SEO service to ensure that your website continues to improve and climb in the search rankings. An SEO professional is like an engineer for your website and other digital marketing. Their job is to ensure that your website is balanced for best user experience while also serving content that is search engine friendly.

Hiring an SEO expert can significantly boost your business’s online visibility and attract more customers. An SEO expert can optimize the business’s website to rank higher in search engine results, making it more likely for potential customers to find the business when searching for relevant products or services. They can implement local SEO strategies, such as optimizing for local search terms and listings in local directories, which is crucial for attracting local clientele. 

Moreover, an SEO expert should enhance the website’s user experience, ensuring it is mobile-friendly, and easy to navigate, which not only improves search rankings but also increases the likelihood of converting visitors into customers. By staying abreast of the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates, an SEO professional can adapt strategies to maintain and improve your business’s online presence, driving sustained organic traffic and ultimately leading to increased sales and business growth.

While SEO is a long-game approach that can take four to six months to accurately measure effectiveness, be sure to ask your potential SEO expert how they track SEO. This is going to be an important factor in on-going assessment of goals.


30. Hire A Professional Photographer/Videographer 

When you first get your business started, you can take photos and videos of your products and services to use in your marketing. But when you’ve grown and are ready to take the next step in growth, it’s best to hire a professional photographer or videographer.

A professional photographer or videographer can significantly elevate your local business’s marketing efforts. High-quality, visually appealing images and videos capture the attention of potential customers and convey the professionalism of your business. In today’s digital age, where visual content is crucial for online engagement, having professional photos and videos for websites, social media, and advertising can set a business apart from competitors. These visuals can showcase products, services, and the unique aspects of your business, helping to tell your story more effectively.

Professional photos and video also aid in building a strong brand identity and can be repurposed across various marketing platforms, providing consistency in messaging. Furthermore, engaging video content such as behind-the-scenes looks, customer testimonials, or product demonstrations can increase customer engagement and trust, leading to higher conversion rates and customer retention. In essence, investing in professional photography and videography is a strategic decision that can enhance the overall impact of your business’s marketing campaigns.


31. Branded Merch Sales or Giveaways

Everyone loves good-looking swag! Now that you have a polished logo, let’s show it off. Branded merchandise sales and giveaways can be powerful marketing tools for your local business. By offering or distributing items like t-shirts, mugs, pens, or bags emblazoned with your awesome logo, your business effectively turns its customers into brand ambassadors. Every time a customer uses or wears these items, it increases brand exposure to a broader audience.

This form of passive advertising can be particularly effective in local communities where word-of-mouth and visibility play a significant role in business growth. Giveaways also create goodwill and enhance customer loyalty, as people appreciate free and useful items.

You don’t have to always give it away! Selling branded merchandise can be a supplementary revenue stream or simply offset the cost of the branded swag. Both sales and giveaways of branded items can foster a sense of community around the brand, with customers feeling a more personal connection to your business. This strategy not only helps in retaining existing customers but also attracts new ones, expanding your business’s reach and impact.


32. Vehicle Wrap

Before you commit to a billboard sign anywhere, you should consider a vehicle wrap – or as we like to call them, a billboard on wheels. Wrapping a vehicle with graphic advertisements offers a cost-effective and impactful marketing solution for your local business. This mobile advertising turns a vehicle into a moving billboard, showcasing the business’s brand, message, and contact information to a wide audience as it travels or is parked in high-traffic areas.

Vehicle wraps are highly visible and can grab the attention of pedestrians and other drivers, increasing brand awareness and reach. The mobility of the vehicle allows the advertisement to reach different parts of the local area, appealing to a broader demographic than stationary advertising. 

A unique vehicle wrap offers a one-time investment with long-term benefits, as they are durable and can continuously promote your business without recurring costs. This form of advertising is particularly effective for businesses that require frequent travel, deliveries, or on site work, as it capitalizes on the visibility during regular operations, turning routine journeys into marketing opportunities.


33. Get A Local Billboard

Securing a local billboard can significantly amplify the marketing efforts of your local business. As a large and eye-catching advertising medium, billboards offer high visibility to a diverse and broad audience, including local residents and people passing through the area. Strategically placed in high-traffic locations, billboards ensure that the business’s message reaches a large number of potential customers daily, enhancing brand recognition and recall.

Unlike digital ads, which can be skipped or blocked, billboards are hard to ignore and can make a strong visual impact. This type of advertising is especially effective for promoting brand identity, special offers, events, or new products.

Billboards also complement other marketing channels by increasing overall exposure and reinforcing your business’s presence in the community. Their constant presence makes them a reliable tool for sustained brand awareness, contributing to your long-term business growth.


34. Add A Chatbot To Your Website

Integrating a chatbot into a business website can significantly boost customer engagement and enhance marketing efforts. Chatbots provide instant, 24/7 customer service, responding to inquiries, resolving simple issues, and offering assistance, which greatly improves the user experience. This immediate interaction keeps visitors engaged, reducing bounce rates and potentially increasing the time spent on the site.

By guiding customers through their journey, providing personalized recommendations, and answering questions in real-time, chatbots can effectively lead customers towards making a purchase, thereby increasing conversion rates. Additionally, chatbots can collect valuable customer data and insights, such as frequently asked questions and user preferences, which can be used to tailor marketing strategies and improve product offerings.

The ability for chatbots to handle routine inquiries also frees up human resources to focus on more complex customer service tasks, ensuring efficient and high-quality service. Overall, chatbots serve as a versatile tool, enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining the buying process, and gathering insightful data for more effective marketing.

Here are a few chatbot providers that can be added to most websites:



35. Add A Tool To Your Website

Adding a helpful tool to your website can significantly enhance your marketing and customer engagement efforts. Such tools, whether they are calculators, instant pricing tools, or personalized recommendation engines, provide value to the user, making your website more than just a source of information but a practical resource.

This added value encourages visitors to spend more time on your site, increasing engagement and the likelihood of return visits. Tools that are relevant to your products or services can also guide customers through the decision-making process, aiding in higher conversion rates. 

Another added advantage of online tools is they can attract external links and shares on social media, improving your website’s SEO and driving organic traffic. By offering a practical solution to a problem or answering a common need, these tools can also position your brand as an expert in the field, building trust and credibility with your audience. In essence, website tools enhance user experience, foster engagement, and provide opportunities for increased visibility and customer conversion.

An example of a very useful pricing tool in the fence industry is mySalesman which allows users to draw their fence perimeter, select fencing materials, and get an instant price. The fence contractor collects the leads from their mySalesman dashboard and can follow up accordingly.


36. Use A Social Media Broadcasting Tool (Loomly)

Using social media publishing software to plan and publish content can greatly streamline your business’s marketing efforts, saving you time and enhancing effectiveness. This type of software allows for the scheduling of posts in advance across multiple social media platforms, ensuring consistent and timely content delivery without the need for daily manual posting.

Software like Loomly and Hootsuite enables businesses to plan a cohesive content strategy, maintaining a steady and organized presence online. Additionally, many of these tools offer analytics and insights, helping you to understand the performance of your content, fine-tune your strategies, and target your audience more effectively. This proactive approach allows for better allocation of time and resources, focusing on creating quality content rather than managing the logistics of posting.

The use of publishing software can facilitate team collaboration, streamline approval processes, and ensure a unified brand voice across all channels. In summary, social media publishing software enhances efficiency, provides valuable data-driven insights, and supports the growth and consistency of a business’s online marketing presence. 


37. Hire A Market Influencer

Hiring a market influencer involves identifying individuals who have a significant following and credibility within your target audience or industry. Start by researching influencers who align with your brand values and have an engaged audience relevant to your products or services.

You can use social media platforms, influencer marketing agencies, or tools like BuzzSumo to find potential candidates. Once you’ve shortlisted influencers, reach out to them directly through their social media channels or contact details provided on their profiles. Present a clear proposal outlining your campaign objectives, expectations, and compensation. It’s important to discuss how the collaboration will work, including content guidelines and performance metrics.

Ensure that the influencer’s style and audience demographics match your marketing goals. Remember to establish a formal agreement covering all details of the partnership. Effective communication and a mutually beneficial relationship are key to a successful influencer marketing collaboration.


38. Hire An Answering Service

When you’re ready to connect with more customers, sometimes it can be as simple as just being available. Of course, if you don’t have a full office staff, it can be a challenge to always answer the phone. That’s where an answering service like Pink Callers or Ruby comes in handy.

Another advantage of hiring an answering service is that you may be able to extend your operating hours on your Google Business Profile which has been proven to help your business become more visible on Google Maps, Google Rankings, and within online business directories. Many of these services, including Google, prefer to deliver search results for businesses that are “open” at the time of the user’s search.

Finding the right answering service for your business involves assessing your specific needs and conducting thorough research. Start by determining the volume of calls you expect, the level of customer service required, and any industry-specific knowledge the service should possess.

Research potential services by looking for reviews, testimonials, and case studies, which can provide insights into their reliability and performance. Consider the range of services offered, such as 24/7 availability, bilingual support, appointment scheduling, or emergency response handling.


39. Join Google’s Local Service Advertisement Program

Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA) Program (formerly called Google Guaranteed) is a flavor of Google ads that has become wildly popular. The program will require that you meet specific requirements including a background check, minimum number of Google Reviews, and, in some industries, proof of insurance.

Once approved, Google grants you access to the LSA dashboard where you will be able to add other business details, select services to advertise (based on your business category), add photos, and set a budget based on an estimated number of leads you should receive.

The reason this has become such an effective way to advertise is because Google is currently giving these ads premium placement – ads appear at the very top of the search page above PPC ads and Google Maps. These LSA ads will also feature the coveted Google Guaranteed checkmark.

LSA is not available for all industries. You can find out more about advertising with LSA on Google’s Advertising page.


40. Start Running Google Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)

Google offers a wide range of Pay-Per-Click advertising including simple search ads, Google Map ads, video ads on YouTube, and ads that serve over a wide range of network platforms. These ads can be configured with many different ad assets, keywords, locations and other parameters.

To get started with Google PPC advertising, first set up a Google Ads account. Begin by defining your advertising goals, such as increasing website traffic, generating leads, or boosting sales. Then, conduct keyword research to identify terms and phrases your target audience uses when searching for products or services like yours.

Create your ad campaigns by writing compelling ad copy and choosing relevant keywords for each campaign. Set a budget for how much you’re willing to spend per day or per click on your ads. You can also select the geographical location where your ads will appear to target specific regions.

Once your campaigns are set up, launch them and continuously monitor their performance. Use Google Ads’ analytics to track metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per conversion. Regularly adjust your campaigns based on these insights, refining your keywords, ad copy, and budget allocation to optimize the performance and ROI of your ads.


41. Start Running Facebook Ads (SMM)

Getting started with social media advertising involves first identifying the platforms where your target audience is most active, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or others. Create a business account on these platforms if you haven’t already. Define clear objectives for your advertising, such as increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, or boosting sales.

Next, understand the specific advertising tools and options each platform offers, like demographic targeting, ad formats, and budget settings. Create engaging ad content that resonates with your audience – this could be in the form of images, videos, or text. Set a budget for your campaign, deciding how much you want to spend daily or for the entire campaign duration.

Now it’s time to launch your ads and monitor their performance regularly using the platform’s analytics tools. Adjust your strategy based on the data you collect, optimizing your ad content, targeting, and budget allocation to improve effectiveness and ROI. Remember, each social media platform has its unique features and audience, so tailor your approach accordingly for the best results.


In Conclusion

We hope that you found this information to be helpful in marketing your business. Do you have questions about any of this information? Did we miss any important marketing options? Use your favorite method to request more information, tell us what we missed, or get answers to any of your questions. We’re always happy to help.



Your website runs on software like WordPress and other supporting plugins. Like all software, these require regular updates as the internet environment changes.

LifeSupport is everything you need to keep your WordPress website online and healthy. This includes regular updates to the WordPress software, included plugins, and general database maintenance.

Taskboard Pro

Communication is crucial to success when working with your marketing team. This is why Clever Fox Online has developed a unique project management solution that allows you to communicate seamlessly with the dedicated marketing professionals at Clever Fox Online. We call this your “Taskboard.”

No more missed emails, text messages, voicemails, or phone calls. Now everything is in one place!

On your taskboard you can see the status of on-going tasks, add new tasks, prioritize tasks, assign new tasks, and so much more! This is the central hub for both task communication and file storage. With your Taskboard Pro account, you can upload, search, and reference important materials related to your marketing and website project.

Want to use a dedicated Taskboard for your internal team? No problem. Ask your Clever Fox to set you up!


Let’s Do This!

Fill out the form below and you will receive an email with the link to book a discovery call. Discovery calls are 30-minute meetings that can be either a phone call or Zoom Video Conference – you decide.

This is where you will receive link for booking Discovery Call with Clever Fox.

Website Support

Monthly Support Credits are like having a marketing department on retainer. With your monthly allotted Support Credits, you can select additional marketing tasks to be completed, add additional pages to your website, graphic design, and much more.

No matter which package you subscribe to, you will have access to your Taskboard, where tasks can be assigned and credits are redeemed.

Credits do not roll over month-to-month. Credits can be purchased separately at a rate of $125/credit.

Here’s the breakdown for how many credits are included in each of our packages:

Web Development Packages

Basic = 1 Monthly Support Credits
Essential = 2 Monthly Support Credits
Ultimate = 4 Monthly Support Credits

Web Maintenance Packages

Level 1 = 1 Monthly Support Credits
Level 2 = 2 Monthly Support Credits
Level 3 = 4 Monthly Support Credits

SEO Booster Packs

Ignition = 2 Monthly Support Credits
Launch = 4 Monthly Support Credits
Rocket = 6 Monthly Support Credits

Here are a few examples of how you can redeem your monthly credits:

New Service Page Creation = 2 Credits
Business Card Design = 2 Credits
Brochure Design = 4 Credits
Single-Page Document = 2 Credits
City Target Page Creation = 2 Credits
General Site Maintenace = 2 Credits
New Custom Form = 3 Credits
Splash Site Creation = 12 Credits
General SEM Ad Support = 4 Credits
Sign Design = 2 Credits
Google Business Support = 4 Credits
1-Hour Advisor Call = 2 Credits

Monthly Marketing Call

Our Ultimate Package includes a monthly Zoom Call with your Clever Fox Marketing Advisor. On this 1-hour call, you can discuss marketing performance, review analytical data, go over new marketing strategies, assign new marketing tasks, and much more. It’s like having a virtual marketing department at your fingertips!

Territory Protection

Are you a local service provider or tradesman? Chances are you probably have some stiff competition in your service area. That is why we offer Territory Protection.

If you have our Territory Protection, we will not work with any other professional offering the same service in your defined service area without your permission. And it’s okay to say “No” and lock out your competition!

This is a great way to lock in your market share of the digital marketplace. When any competitor in your area contacts us, we will immediately notify you to let you know who they are and where they are located. You have the final word on whether we can work with them or pass. Regardless of your decision, all your project information remains confidential.

Print Shop

Clever Fox Online isn’t just “online.” We actually have a dedicated print house to handle all your printing solutions, including business cards, brochures, door hangers, flyers, catalogs, decals, and so much more.

Ultimate Package subscribers get an additional 20% Off our super-low printing rates!


BizzRater is our sister company that helps businesses take control of their reviews. The BizzRater subscription allows you to “buffer” reviews. This helps to ensure that customer-related issues are handled BEFORE they result in public, negative reviews for your business.

The BizzRater regular subscription is $75/month. Discounted rate for Essential Package is 30% Off ($52.50/month). For more information, check out

Mysalesman Integration

We love the mySalesman tool! If you are a subscriber of the mySalesman tool, we can embed your mySalesman throughout your website to allow for a seamless experience – users no longer need to leave your website to use the mySalesman tool! Qualify leads directly on your website using mySalesman.

*You must be a subscriber of mySalesman to use this service. For more information, visit the mySalesman website.

Do you use a different lead-qualifying software solution? Ask your Clever Fox project manager. We do support a variety of lead-qualifying solutions.

Done-For-You Blog Articles

The Clever Fox Online team is constantly crafting fresh articles that can be published right into your Blog Library. And you know what’s even better? It’s not just your visitors who will notice the awesome content, but Google will love you for it!

With this incredible feature, we’ll take care of everything for you. We’ll automatically publish the articles to your website, complete with relevant links, eye-catching photos, and all the SEO benefits you can imagine. It’s like having a well-oiled content machine that keeps your website buzzing with new, helpful information.

The Ultimate Package includes one article per month. Need more than one article per month? You can order more articles based on your needs.

Blog Library

Imagine having a cozy corner on your website where customers can dive into a world of knowledge and valuable insights. That’s what a Blog Library or Knowledge Library offers!

It’s a fantastic space where you can develop engaging articles, providing potential customers with in-depth information about your services, product support, or simply a chance to learn something new and helpful. It’s like having a treasure trove of useful content that not only educates but also builds trust and establishes you as an expert in your field.

Your captivating Blog or Knowledge Library that keeps your visitors coming back for more!

City Target Pages

Our City Target Pages were developed over years of data collection and testing. They are part of the special SEO toolkit that we deploy on your website.

These city pages are designed to target your most popular cities specifically. The result? An increased digital presence in those cities and the creation of logical landing pages. It’s all about boosting your online visibility and reaching your target audience in the right places.

Other Related Services

Other Related Services is an opportunity to include web pages and content about other services you may offer. The most common services included are Staining, Snow Plowing (Ice Management), Pressure Washing, Deck Construction, Landscaping, Lawn Care, or Pergola/Arbor Construction. If your package includes “Other Services,” you select the services and we provide the content and related SEO strategy to market the service through your website.

With the Essentials Package, you can include up to two of these services on your website. The Ultimate Package includes up to five of these services.

Fence Repair Service

We’ve got something tailor-made just for you: an inclusive page and SEO strategy specifically designed for fence repairs! Whether you’re looking to attract more leads for small repairs or focus on larger repair jobs, we’ve got your back. You get to choose the approach that suits your business best!

Our strategy revolves around creating a dedicated page that highlights your expertise in fence repairs. We’ll optimize it to make sure it grabs the attention of those in need of your services. Plus, we’ll implement a smart lead form that allows you to easily identify and separate fence repair leads from other inquiries.

Gates & Operators Service

We’ve got something tailor-made just for you: an inclusive page and SEO strategy specifically designed for fence repairs! Whether you’re looking to attract more leads for small repairs or focus on larger repair jobs, we’ve got your back. You get to choose the approach that suits your business best!

Our strategy revolves around creating a dedicated page that highlights your expertise in fence repairs. We’ll optimize it to make sure it grabs the attention of those in need of your services. Plus, we’ll implement a smart lead form that allows you to easily identify and separate fence repair leads from other inquiries.

Review Integration

Using TrustIndex software integrations, Standard Reviews will display any reviews you receive through your Google Business Listing on your website. With Standard Reviews your reviews will be updated monthly.

With our Real-Time Reviews integration, you will get an aggregated display of any review on any supported platform displayed in one seamless list on your website in *real-time. Our aggregation support over 130 review platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

*Real-time may vary based on your website server cache settings and how often your site is refreshed by the visitor’s browser.

CRM Integration

With CRM Integration, we can set up your Zapier account to integrate your website lead forms with your CRM, such as JobNimbus, Jobber, and other supported CRM software. Our advanced forms can integrate with over 300 software providers.

This will ensure that your leads flow directly into your CRM with seamless automation. This will import your potential customers into your sales funnel automatically. Ask us about your CRM to check for compatibility.

Lead Forms

Get engaging forms that will revolutionize how you capture and qualify leads on your website. From a simple contact form to a more sophisticated quote form with interactive images, we’ve got you covered!

Imagine having a contact form that not only collects basic information but also grabs your visitors’ attention and sparks their interest. Our quote forms go the extra mile by utilizing image-selectors to engage potential customers and encourage interaction. It’s like having a virtual salesperson.

The leads generated from these forms won’t get lost in cyberspace. Oh no, we make sure they land straight in your email inbox, so you can easily follow up with those hot prospects. And if that’s not convenient enough, we even offer the option to receive a text message notification whenever you have a new lead. Talk about staying on top of your game!

Digitized Logo

In order to have your logo embroidered on products, you will need to have your logo digitized. This is a special process of converting your logo to a form that can be then used with an embroidery machine to sew out your logo.

This is usually an .EMB or .DST file. You would be able to supply this file to your local embroidery shop or promotional product supplier and get a high-quality sewn-out logo on hats, shirts, and tons of other promotional items.

Logo Help

As part of your digital marketing plan, we can help you establish a solid brand strategy by creating a new logo for your company and defining usage guidelines to maintain brand integrity, whether you need a new logo or just a little polish to your existing logo. We’re here to help.

A revision is defined as a concept if a new or polished logo is requested.

This also ensures that you have a vector version of your logo on file for future use.


Foundational SEO: Your website will be built on a solid SEO strategy and you’ll get all of the foundational SEO configured on your website. This includes the most important aspects of SEO such as page titles, keyword coordination, and other on-site SEO factors.

Basic SEO Plan: With the Basic SEO Plan your website will get up to 2 hours of SEO work per month. This work includes improvements to your foundational SEO and basic on-site SEO improvements. This plan comes with a monthly SEO report.

Essential SEO Plan: In addition to everything from Basic SEO Plan, Standard SEO includes our enhanced SEO methods which include our proprietary cascading SEO methodology along with progressive internal link strategy. This plan comes with a monthly SEO report.

Ultimate SEO Plan: The Ultimate SEO plan includes all of the above SEO techniques plus some of our most aggressive SEO strategies that include off-site SEO, local SEO, citation engineering, and organic backlink building. This plan comes with a monthly SEO report.


You know those frustrating moments when you’re browsing a website on your phone and everything looks tiny or squished? With our responsive design approach, that’s a thing of the past! Your content will automatically adjust and adapt to fit perfectly on screens of all sizes.

But here’s the cherry on top: responsive design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also about keeping up with Google’s Mobile-Friendly guidelines. Our websites are designed to comply with those guidelines, which means Google will love your site so you’ll have a better chance of ranking higher in search results.

So, say goodbye to those clunky, hard-to-read websites and hello to a seamless browsing experience for your visitors!

Theme Edits

Basic Theme Edits: In addition to tailoring the content of the theme to your services, Basic Editing includes changes to the website color, fonts, and minor section styling.

Advanced Theme Edits: In addition to everything in basic as applied to your choice of Master Fence Theme. You can even mix and match some sections from one version to another!

Unlimited Customizations: With Unlimited Customization, we can use the Master Fence Theme as a foundation and completely redesign your website without limitations. This customization gives you the advantage of the Master Fence Theme with the added benefit of a custom-built website.

Master Fence Theme

We’re super excited to introduce you to our amazing creation: the Master Fence Theme. This theme has been meticulously crafted with you in mind, taking into account all the unique needs and requirements of your industry.

Since its inception in 2020, we’ve been continuously working on enhancing and improving the Master Fence Theme. It’s like a fine bourbon that gets better with age! This bad boy forms a solid foundation for your fence company website, ensuring that you have a strong online presence that stands out from the competition.

What makes the Master Fence Theme truly special is its ability to rock a killer content strategy. We’ve got you covered when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines (SEO), making sure your online visibility reaches new heights. With this theme, you’ll have all the tools you need to effectively develop your website and attract those eager customers.

And guess what? We’ve gone above and beyond by creating not just one, but five different versions of the Master Fence Theme.

The Basic Package includes the Master Fence Basic v1 only.

Both the Essential and Ultimate packages include your choice of any of the Master Fence Themes, while the Ultimate package includes more advanced customization of the theme, allowing you to mix and match features.

Website Backup Service

Basic Website Backup: includes website backups that happen on the web server only. Website recovery can take up to 72 hours.

Essential Website Backup: includes website backups that happen on the web server and are stored off-site in case of server failure. Sites can be recovered within 48 hours.

Ultimate Website Backup: includes website backups taht happen on the web server, backups that are stored off-site and site can be restored within 1 to 6 hours as a priority service.

Website Security

When it comes to coding your website, we’ve got you covered with the latest compliance and Google Guidelines. We want to make sure your website is not just functional but also safe and secure. That’s why we take extra measures to protect it from those pesky hackers, spam, and malicious software.

We’ve got some powerful security software in place that acts as your website’s guardian, keeping the bad guys at bay. So you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back and your website is in good hands. We take security seriously because your peace of mind is our priority.

Google Ad Management

Google Ad Management includes ongoing support and ad optimization for your Google Ad account. With Google Ad Management, we will help ensure your Google Ads are targeting the correct audiences, using optimal ad assets, and providing performance insights.

Your “ad spend” refers to the actual fees you pay Google directly. Any fees paid to Clever Fox Online are dedicated to ad management service.

Google Ad Lite: This plan covers the management of up to 3 Google Ad Campaigns.

Google Ad Grow: This plan covers the management of up to 6 Google Ad Campaigns.

Google Ad PRO: This plan covers the management of up to 10 Google Ad Campaigns.

Google Business Help

We’re here to lend you a helping hand with your Google Business Profile! Our team is dedicated to making sure your profile shines bright and performs at its best. We’ll guide you through the process step by step, paying close attention to every little detail to make sure it’s fully optimized.

But our support doesn’t stop there! We assist you with the on-going optimization of your listing so that you can maximize its performance. This also includes ongoing support for your listing when having issues with listing suspensions, missing reviews, and more.

Type of Services You Offer?

Do you offer residential and commercial fencing? If so, you will need a package that can support both.

Residential Only: This package includes support for residential fencing only.

Residential & Commercial: This package is perfect for residential and commercial fence contractors.

Please note that you can add a commercial section to any package using Support Credits.

Website Hosting

No need to buy your own website hosting! We now include premium hosting provided by Siteground as long as you are subscribed to our service. If you ever want to switch providers, we offer a migration service to make your switch as smooth as possible.

Hosting does not include webmail service or domain name. Migration service may require an additional fee.

If you opt to maintain your own website, we offer a migration service to move your website and make the transition smooth.

Migration service is dependent upon a compatible hosting server (the server must support Wordpress). This service will be provided for a one-time fee of $300.

Minimum Term

All packages require a 12-month minimum service agreement. This covers the cost of the website development and related services included. After the initial 12-month term, you will be presented the option to renew at your guaranteed locked-in rate, switch to a different maintenance plan, or select to manage the website yourself.

If you opt to maintain your own website, we offer a migration service to move your website and make the transition smooth.

Migration service is dependent upon a compatible hosting server (the server must support Wordpress). This service will be provided for a one-time fee of $300.

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