Website Maintenance TERMS & CONDITIONS

By submitting this Service Agreement (agreement), you are agreeing to the terms and conditions herein. Likewise, we are committed to completing all services outlined herein. This agreement is made between you (Client) and Clever Fox Online, LLC (CFO) for the package (plan) selected herein.

Packages Include
Based on plan selection below, package will include the corresponding items as defined herein.

Packages Terms
All Website Maintenance Packages (plans) require a monthly payment due 30 days in advance of services rendered, with the first payment due upon signing of the service agreement.

Life Support Website Maintenance Plan
Life Support includes updates to WordPress software, updates to pro-level plugins, website security, and website database maintenance only. 

Level 1 Website Maintenance Plan
Level 1 plan includes updates to WordPress software, updates to pro-level plugins, website security, website database maintenance, basic website backups, one support credit, Google Business help, yearly website review, yearly SEO audit, and Taskboard Pro access.

Level 2 Website Maintenance Plan
Level 2 plan includes updates to WordPress software, updates to pro-level plugins, website security, website database maintenance, basic website backups, two support credits, Google Business help, quarterly website review, 6-month SEO audit, yearly ad audit, Taskboard Pro access, and 30% off BizzRater account.

Level 3 Website Maintenance Plan
Level 3 plan includes updates to WordPress software, updates to pro-level plugins, website security, website database maintenance, basic website backups, four support credits, Google Business help, monthly website review, quarterly SEO audit, quarterly ad audit, downtime monitoring, one monthly blog article, Taskboard Pro access, free BizzRater account, and 20% off Clever Fox Print Shop.

Support Credits

Support Credits begin once website launches. Support Credits do not roll over or otherwise accumulate. Additional Support Credits can be purchased at the rate of $125 per credit.

Renewal & Cancelation
All CFO Website Development Packages have a minimum term of thirty (30) days from the date of first payment.

1. Automatic Renewal: Client plan will automatically renew on the same day of the month as Client initial enrollment date (the “Renewal Date”). For example, if Client subscribed on the 15th of any month, each subsequent renewal will occur on the 15th of the month.

2. Notice of Cancellation or Changes: If Client wishes to cancel or make any changes to plan, Client must notify CFO at least seven (7) days before Client’s next scheduled Renewal Date. For example, if Client Renewal Date is the 15th of the month, Client must submit cancellation or change request by the 8th of that month.

3. How to Cancel or Modify Your Subscription: To cancel or modify Client plan, please send an email to or call the CFO office at 1-800-597-1817.

4. Failure to Notify: If Client does not notify CFO within the required time frame, Client’s plan will renew automatically, and Client will be charged for the ensuing period. No refunds or credits will be provided for failure to meet the cancellation or change deadline.

If Client request to cancel subscription prior to term completion, no prorated refunds shall be issued. Once plan is cancelled, CFO will terminate automatic subscription and provide Client with all digital assets and account credentials. Termination of services includes any applicable website hosting. If Client requests website to be moved to Clients hosting account, Client will be charged for Migration Service. Cancelation and/or termination of any CFO plan will result in immediate disconnect from services including all benefits and/or applicable territory protection.

Payments are due in advance of service and charged automatically on (or near) the same day as the first payment. All services will automatically renew at the end of initial term unless notice is received of Client intent to cancel. CFO reserves the right of renewal.

Migration Service
Should Client select to move Client website, cancel subscription, or otherwise discontinue services with CFO, Client will be charged an additional $300 for site Migration Service. This fee covers packaging Client website and assets and delivering the file(s) to Client. If Client is moving to a compatible hosting account, this service will include migrating the website to new hosting server.

Abandoned Projects
If Client terminates service early by means of payment failure, becoming non-responsive to CFO, or any other means, CFO will allow a 14-day grace period following TERMINATION EMAIL NOTICE. During this 14-day grace period, it is Client’s responsibility to coordinate one of the following: A) payment to resume services or B) early termination payment (if applicable) and migration of website to Client’s selected service by means of our migration service [additional fee required]. Client failure to comply with these terms will result in project being deemed abandoned. CFO reserves the right to discard, delete, or otherwise destroy website and/or any digital assets.

Project Ownership Transfer
For projects that require ownership transfer, CFO will transfer ownership of all digital assets within 30 days. Transferring ownership of digital assets can include any of the following at the discretion of CFO: A) delivering the website files by means of a digital JPA transfer file via cloud storage download, or B) delivering the website files by means of an external storage device such as a USB thumb drive. If, after 30 days Client does not select an option herein, project will be deemed abandoned and CFO reserves the right to discard, delete, or otherwise destroy website and/or all digital assets.

Project Expectations
CFO reserves the right to request virtual meetings, phone calls, emails, and other remote communication throughout this agreement term in leu of in-person meetings. This includes the delivery of materials and presentations.

No guarantee is given or assumed for search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine rankings. CFO implements best-practices to improve SEO and ranking, but other factors, such as Google algorithms and Client involvement can affect the results achieved. Organic SEO can take 4 to 6 months to begin affecting search rankings after the website project goes live, and results vary and are not guaranteed.

While CFO will assist Client with domain configuration, plans do not include domain name registration fees, BizzRater subscription, mySalesman subscription, SSL subscriptions, or other third-party subscriptions unless defined explicitly within the “Package Includes” section herein.

There are no PPC, Facebook, Google Ad, or other paid ad management included in these plans. These plans do not include nor replace any of the CFO Google Ad Management Packages, which are sold separately.

Email accounts and configurations are the sole responsibility of Client. 

The services offered herein are granted to Client. Client may not transfer, assign, resell, or any other other way sublicense to any third-party. Terms of this agreement will remain in force for the complete term of selected CFO plan.

Copyrights & Intellectual Property Rights
All domains, trademarks, copyrights, and/or other intellectual property belong to their respective entities. CFO will be free from any infringements due to Client-related requests. All brands/logos/graphics created by CFO may be purchased and are subject to terms and conditions within the corresponding purchase agreement. CFO reserves the right to publish, republish any design, concept, graphic, or images within the CFO portfolio, or within other non-competitive developments including other websites without express permission. This also includes any and all portions of the website theme/design regardless of customizations or Master Fence theme.

Payment Policy
First payment will be charged at the time of submitting service agreement. Service will not begin until the first payment has been processed.

If payment fails to process at any time, CFO will contact Client for alternate payment. Late payments may be subject to late fees.

To update billing, visit the Clever Fox Online Customer Portal at any time or contact our billing department at 1-800-597-1817.

If failure to pay, Clever Fox Online reserves the right to terminate service, and Client will be responsible for any applicable fees including early termination fees. Early termination may also result in the loss of marketing assets, including but not limited to website development.

Indemnification of Policy
Errors and/or corrections to any part of these terms and conditions do not affect the enforcement of this policy. Changes to this policy will occur regularly and it is the responsibility of the Client to check for policy changes regularly.


Your website runs on software like WordPress and other supporting plugins. Like all software, these require regular updates as the internet environment changes.

LifeSupport is everything you need to keep your WordPress website online and healthy. This includes regular updates to the WordPress software, included plugins, and general database maintenance.

Taskboard Pro

Communication is crucial to success when working with your marketing team. This is why Clever Fox Online has developed a unique project management solution that allows you to communicate seamlessly with the dedicated marketing professionals at Clever Fox Online. We call this your “Taskboard.”

No more missed emails, text messages, voicemails, or phone calls. Now everything is in one place!

On your taskboard you can see the status of on-going tasks, add new tasks, prioritize tasks, assign new tasks, and so much more! This is the central hub for both task communication and file storage. With your Taskboard Pro account, you can upload, search, and reference important materials related to your marketing and website project.

Want to use a dedicated Taskboard for your internal team? No problem. Ask your Clever Fox to set you up!


Lets Do This!

Fill out the form below and you will receive an email with the link to book a discovery call. Discovery calls are 30-minute meetings that can be either a phone call or Zoom Video Conference – you decide.

This is where you will receive link for booking Discovery Call with Clever Fox.

Website Support

Monthly Support Credits are like having a marketing department on retainer. With your monthly allotted Support Credits, you can select additional marketing tasks to be completed, add additional pages to your website, graphic design, and much more.

No matter which package you subscribe to, you will have access to your Taskboard, where tasks can be assigned and credits are redeemed.

Credits do not roll over month-to-month. Credits can be purchased separately at a rate of $125/credit.

Here’s the breakdown for how many credits are included in each of our packages:

Web Development Packages

Basic= 1 Monthly Support Credits
Essential= 2 Monthly Support Credits
Ultimate= 4 Monthly Support Credits

Web Maintenance Packages

Level 1 = 1 Monthly Support Credits
Level 2= 2 Monthly Support Credits
Level 3 = 4 Monthly Support Credits

SEO Booster Packs

Ignition = 2 Monthly Support Credits
Launch = 4 Monthly Support Credits
Rocket = 6 Monthly Support Credits

Here are a few examples of how you can redeem your monthly credits:

New Service Page Creation = 2 Credits
Business Card Design = 2 Credits
Brochure Design = 4 Credits
Single-Page Document = 2 Credits
City Target Page Creation = 2 Credits
General Site Maintenace = 2 Credits
New Custom Form = 3 Credits
Splash Site Creation = 12 Credits
General SEM Ad Support = 4 Credits
Sign Design = 2 Credits
Google Business Support = 4 Credits
1-Hour Advisor Call = 2 Credits

Monthly Marketing Call

Our Ultimate Package includes a monthly Zoom Call with your Clever Fox Marketing Advisor. On this 1-hour call, you can discuss marketing performance, review analytical data, go over new marketing strategies, assign new marketing tasks, and much more. Its like having a virtual marketing department at your fingertips!

Territory Protection

Are you a local service provider or tradesman? Chances are you probably have some stiff competition in your service area. That is why we offer Territory Protection.

If you have our Territory Protection, we will not work with any other professional offering the same service in your defined service area without your permission. And it’s okay to say “No” and lock out your competition!

This is a great way to lock in your market share of the digital marketplace. When any competitor in your area contacts us, we will immediately notify you to let you know who they are and where they are located. You have the final word on whether we can work with them or pass. Regardless of your decision, all your project information remains confidential.

Print Shop

Clever Fox Online isnt just online. We actually have a dedicated print house to handle all your printing solutions, including business cards, brochures, door hangers, flyers, catalogs, decals, and so much more.

Ultimate Package subscribers get an additional 20% Off our super-low printing rates!


BizzRater is our sister company that helps businesses take control of their reviews. The BizzRater subscription allows you to buffer reviews. This helps to ensure that customer-related issues are handled BEFORE they result in public, negative reviews for your business.

The BizzRater regular subscription is $75/month. Discounted rate for Essential Package is 30% Off ($52.50/month). For more information, check out

Mysalesman Integration

We love the mySalesman tool! If you are a subscriber of the mySalesman tool, we can embed your mySalesman throughout your website to allow for a seamless experience users no longer need to leave your website to use the mySalesman tool! Qualify leads directly on your website using mySalesman.

*You must be a subscriber of mySalesman to use this service. For more information, visit the mySalesman website.

Do you use a different lead-qualifying software solution? Ask your Clever Fox project manager. We do support a variety of lead-qualifying solutions.

Done-For-You Blog Articles

The Clever Fox Online team is constantly crafting fresh articles that can be published right into your Blog Library. And you know whats even better? Its not just your visitors who will notice the awesome content, but Google will love you for it!

With this incredible feature, well take care of everything for you. Well automatically publish the articles to your website, complete with relevant links, eye-catching photos, and all the SEO benefits you can imagine. Its like having a well-oiled content machine that keeps your website buzzing with new, helpful information.

The Ultimate Package includes one article per month. Need more than one article per month? You can order more articles based on your needs.

Blog Library

Imagine having a cozy corner on your website where customers can dive into a world of knowledge and valuable insights. Thats what a Blog Library or Knowledge Library offers!

Its a fantastic space where you can develop engaging articles, providing potential customers with in-depth information about your services, product support, or simply a chance to learn something new and helpful. Its like having a treasure trove of useful content that not only educates but also builds trust and establishes you as an expert in your field.

Your captivating Blog or Knowledge Library that keeps your visitors coming back for more!

City Target Pages

Our City Target Pages were developed over years of data collection and testing. They are part of the special SEO toolkit that we deploy on your website.

These city pages are designed to target your most popular cities specifically. The result? An increased digital presence in those cities and the creation of logical landing pages. Its all about boosting your online visibility and reaching your target audience in the right places.

Other Related Services

Other Related Services is an opportunity to include web pages and content about other services you may offer. The most common services included are Staining, Snow Plowing (Ice Management), Pressure Washing, Deck Construction, Landscaping, Lawn Care, or Pergola/Arbor Construction. If your package includes Other Services, you select the services and we provide the content and related SEO strategy to market the service through your website.

With the Essentials Package, you can include up to two of these services on your website. The Ultimate Package includes up to five of these services.

Fence Repair Service

Weve got something tailor-made just for you: an inclusive page and SEO strategy specifically designed for fence repairs! Whether youre looking to attract more leads for small repairs or focus on larger repair jobs, weve got your back. You get to choose the approach that suits your business best!

Our strategy revolves around creating a dedicated page that highlights your expertise in fence repairs. Well optimize it to make sure it grabs the attention of those in need of your services. Plus, well implement a smart lead form that allows you to easily identify and separate fence repair leads from other inquiries.

Gates & Operators Service

Weve got something tailor-made just for you: an inclusive page and SEO strategy specifically designed for fence repairs! Whether youre looking to attract more leads for small repairs or focus on larger repair jobs, weve got your back. You get to choose the approach that suits your business best!

Our strategy revolves around creating a dedicated page that highlights your expertise in fence repairs. Well optimize it to make sure it grabs the attention of those in need of your services. Plus, well implement a smart lead form that allows you to easily identify and separate fence repair leads from other inquiries.

Review Integration

Using TrustIndex software integrations, Standard Reviews will display any reviews you receive through your Google Business Listing on your website. With Standard Reviews your reviews will be updated monthly.

With our Real-Time Reviews integration, you will get an aggregated display of any review on any supported platform displayed in one seamless list on your website in *real-time. Our aggregation support over 130 review platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

*Real-time may vary based on your website server cache settings and how often your site is refreshed by the visitors browser.

CRM Integration

With CRM Integration, we can set up your Zapier account to integrate your website lead forms with your CRM, such as JobNimbus, Jobber, and other supported CRM software. Our advanced forms can integrate with over 300 software providers.

This will ensure that your leads flow directly into your CRM with seamless automation. This will import your potential customers into your sales funnel automatically. Ask us about your CRM to check for compatibility.

Lead Forms

Get engaging forms that will revolutionize how you capture and qualify leads on your website. From a simple contact form to a more sophisticated quote form with interactive images, weve got you covered!

Imagine having a contact form that not only collects basic information but also grabs your visitors attention and sparks their interest. Our quote forms go the extra mile by utilizing image-selectors to engage potential customers and encourage interaction. Its like having a virtual salesperson.

The leads generated from these forms wont get lost in cyberspace. Oh no, we make sure they land straight in your email inbox, so you can easily follow up with those hot prospects. And if thats not convenient enough, we even offer the option to receive a text message notification whenever you have a new lead. Talk about staying on top of your game!

Digitized Logo

In order to have your logo embroidered on products, you will need to have your logo digitized. This is a special process of converting your logo to a form that can be then used with an embroidery machine to sew out your logo.

This is usually an .EMB or .DST file. You would be able to supply this file to your local embroidery shop or promotional product supplier and get a high-quality sewn-out logo on hats, shirts, and tons of other promotional items.

Logo Help

As part of your digital marketing plan, we can help you establish a solid brand strategy by creating a new logo for your company and defining usage guidelines to maintain brand integrity, whether you need a new logo or just a little polish to your existing logo. We’re here to help.

A revision is defined as a concept if a new or polished logo is requested.

This also ensures that you have a vector version of your logo on file for future use.


Foundational SEO: Your website will be built on a solid SEO strategy and you’ll get all of the foundational SEO configured on your website. This includes the most important aspects of SEO such as page titles, keyword coordination, and other on-site SEO factors.

Basic SEO Plan: With the Basic SEO Plan your website will get up to 2 hours of SEO work per month. This work includes improvements to your foundational SEO and basic on-site SEO improvements. This plan comes with a monthly SEO report.

Essential SEO Plan: In addition to everything from Basic SEO Plan, Standard SEO includes our enhanced SEO methods which include our proprietary cascading SEO methodology along with progressive internal link strategy. This plan comes with a monthly SEO report.

Ultimate SEO Plan: The Ultimate SEO plan includes all of the above SEO techniques plus some of our most aggressive SEO strategies that include off-site SEO, local SEO, citation engineering, and organic backlink building. This plan comes with a monthly SEO report.


You know those frustrating moments when you’re browsing a website on your phone and everything looks tiny or squished? With our responsive design approach, that’s a thing of the past! Your content will automatically adjust and adapt to fit perfectly on screens of all sizes.

But here’s the cherry on top: responsive design isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also about keeping up with Google’s Mobile-Friendly guidelines. Our websites are designed to comply with those guidelines, which means Google will love your site so you’ll have a better chance of ranking higher in search results.

So, say goodbye to those clunky, hard-to-read websites and hello to a seamless browsing experience for your visitors!

Theme Edits

Basic Theme Edits: In addition to tailoring the content of the theme to your services, Basic Editing includes changes to the website color, fonts, and minor section styling.

Advanced Theme Edits: In addition to everything in basic as applied to your choice of Master Fence Theme. You can even mix and match some sections from one version to another!

Unlimited Customizations: With Unlimited Customization, we can use the Master Fence Theme as a foundation and completely redesign your website without limitations. This customization gives you the advantage of the Master Fence Theme with the added benefit of a custom-built website.

Master Fence Theme

Were super excited to introduce you to our amazing creation: the Master Fence Theme. This theme has been meticulously crafted with you in mind, taking into account all the unique needs and requirements of your industry.

Since its inception in 2020, weve been continuously working on enhancing and improving the Master Fence Theme. Its like a fine bourbon that gets better with age! This bad boy forms a solid foundation for your fence company website, ensuring that you have a strong online presence that stands out from the competition.

What makes the Master Fence Theme truly special is its ability to rock a killer content strategy. Weve got you covered when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines (SEO), making sure your online visibility reaches new heights. With this theme, youll have all the tools you need to effectively develop your website and attract those eager customers.

And guess what? Weve gone above and beyond by creating not just one, but five different versions of the Master Fence Theme.

The Basic Package includes the Master Fence Basic v1 only.

Both the Essential and Ultimate packages include your choice of any of the Master Fence Themes, while the Ultimate package includes more advanced customization of the theme, allowing you to mix and match features.

Website Backup Service

Basic Website Backup: includes website backups that happen on the web server only. Website recovery can take up to 72 hours.

Essential Website Backup: includes website backups that happen on the web server and are stored off-site in case of server failure. Sites can be recovered within 48 hours.

Ultimate Website Backup: includes website backups taht happen on the web server, backups that are stored off-site and site can be restored within 1 to 6 hours as a priority service.

Website Security

When it comes to coding your website, weve got you covered with the latest compliance and Google Guidelines. We want to make sure your website is not just functional but also safe and secure. Thats why we take extra measures to protect it from those pesky hackers, spam, and malicious software.

Weve got some powerful security software in place that acts as your websites guardian, keeping the bad guys at bay. So you can rest easy knowing that weve got your back and your website is in good hands. We take security seriously because your peace of mind is our priority.

Google Ad Management

Google Ad Management includes ongoing support and ad optimization for your Google Ad account. With Google Ad Management, we will help ensure your Google Ads are targeting the correct audiences, using optimal ad assets, and providing performance insights.

Your “ad spend” refers to the actual fees you pay Google directly. Any fees paid to Clever Fox Online are dedicated to ad management service.

Google Ad Lite: This plan covers the management of up to 3 Google Ad Campaigns.

Google Ad Grow: This plan covers the management of up to 6 Google Ad Campaigns.

Google Ad PRO: This plan covers the management of up to 10 Google Ad Campaigns.

Google Business Help

Were here to lend you a helping hand with your Google Business Profile! Our team is dedicated to making sure your profile shines bright and performs at its best. Well guide you through the process step by step, paying close attention to every little detail to make sure its fully optimized.

But our support doesnt stop there! We assist you with the on-going optimization of your listing so that you can maximize its performance. This also includes ongoing support for your listing when having issues with listing suspensions, missing reviews, and more.

Type of Services You Offer?

Do you offer residential and commercial fencing? If so, you will need a package that can support both.

Residential Only:This package includes support for residential fencing only.

Residential & Commercial:This package is perfect for residential and commercial fence contractors.

Please note that you can add a commercial section to any package using Support Credits.

Website Hosting

No need to buy your own website hosting! We now include premium hosting provided by Siteground as long as you are subscribed to our service. If you ever want to switch providers, we offer a migration service to make your switch as smooth as possible.

Hosting does not include webmail service or domain name. Migration service may require an additional fee.

If you opt to maintain your own website, we offer a migration service to move your website and make the transition smooth.

Migration service is dependent upon a compatible hosting server (the server must support Wordpress). This service will be provided for a one-time fee of $300.

Minimum Term

All packages require a 12-month minimum service agreement. This covers the cost of the website development and related services included. After the initial 12-month term, you will be presented the option to renew at your guaranteed locked-in rate, switch to a different maintenance plan, or select to manage the website yourself.

If you opt to maintain your own website, we offer a migration service to move your website and make the transition smooth.

Migration service is dependent upon a compatible hosting server (the server must support Wordpress). This service will be provided for a one-time fee of $300.

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